Hooray, the time has finally come: the American retail chain Urban Outfitters has arrived in Utrecht!  Only two years after opening their first Dutch establishment in Amsterdam, Urban Outfitters finally decided to set up shop in Utrecht! Something that we (and I think a lot of others) have been waiting for excitedly for a long time.

Urban Outfitters distinguishes itself from many other different retail chains that we have in this city, with the edgy style its clothing and accessories exude. There’s a creative atmosphere in the shop that is hard to explain. Despite that it is a large shop and retail chain, it always feels like you’re walking into a quaint boutique, where every item you find is unique. That might change, due to the fact that a UO has opened so close by, but that won’t stop us from going over to pick up some unique items of our own!

Oudegracht 152-156 | website

Picture’s: Cate Misczuk

Urban Outfitters Explore Utrecht 6

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