It looks like a clothing store, but it works as the library. With your own library card and a subscription or ticket strip you can borrow exclusive and fun garments at the library. Every month something new, without needed to spend endlessly! In the old print shop at the Westerkade, the Kledingbibliotheek will open its doors on the 17th of December.

You will find an extensive clothing collection for young women. Fashion designers transformed used clothing into unique designer pieces. In addition, you’ll find fun second-hand clothes, donated by Kledingbibliotheek fans. Also you will find pieces by small sustainable and fair trade fashion brands.

How does it work?
For 7.50 EUR you can become a member. With your personal card you can immediately borrow an item free of charge. After that you can choose between a ticket strip (trippenkaart) or different subscriptions. You can return the item after 4 weeks, after which the clothing is washed and you can start looking for a new item(s).

Address: Westerkade
More info:

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