The sight of this store made me very happy. The window is dressed up with lovely interior decoration pieces and you can see loads more such as jewellery, note books and more. The shop, ‘All the luck in the world‘, is a happy place on the Zadelstraat. The shop opened a few weeks ago and also has a subsidiary in Amsterdam, in the neighbourhood De Pijp. The shop in De Pijp is larger and sells furniture.

All the luck in the world on the Zadelstraat is shop heaven, you can’t leave the store without buying anything. Every corner is filled with lovely things and it’s hard to choose what to take home. Great store to buy presents and something small to spoil yourself.

Go have a look on the Zadelstraat and fall in love with this little shop of happiness.

Address: Zadelstraat 15

[googlemap src=”
Grotere kaart weergeven” width=”425″ height=”350″ align=”aligncenter” ]

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