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Climb the Dom

As a real Utrechter, you have to do it at least once: climb the Dom tower! There’s nothing more beautiful than to admire our little city from above. To enjoy that gorgeous view, all you need to do is climb 465 steps, so do wear sturdy shoes! But don’t worry, because while you’re climbing you get a fun tour complete with all sorts of stories about this lovely tower. Tip of the day: bring your camera! You’ll rarely find a more beautiful view of Utrecht. Just make sure you hold on tight!

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A few years ago, a mysterious staircase appeared on Dom square, leading underground. The words DOMunder are posted above the door at the bottom of the stairs. We decided to go on a little exploration to discover precisely what we could find ‘under’ the Dom!

We begin in the building at Domplein 4, under which there is a beautiful wharf cellar. Here we are told about the different building techniques and the layers on which the current Dom square stands. With various maps, bricks, and a cool movie, we’re brought on a trip back in time.

Then we can finally descend the mysterious stairs on Dom square. At the bottom we find ourselves in the pitch black, but fortunately there’s a cool gadget here: a sort of light gun with an ear! If you ‘shoot’ the gun onto specific sensors, you uncover information about that object. I feel just like a spy! DOMunder is a very educational and above all nice experience, so make your own plans to descend the mysterious stairs!

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