Yes, this is for all Christmas enthusiasts who have already started counting down the days until Christmas. The weather is getting colder, shops are selling Christmas decorations and the Christmas lights have been shining for some time now in the city centre. Christmas is coming! But first I will go to some Christmas fairs to get completely in the mood. Are you up for it as well?

This year for the first time on the square of Grand Hotel Karel V a real Christmas market is organized. The hotel and restaurant are beautifully decorated during the holidays with beautiful lighting, Christmas decorations and a large Christmas tree. I really can not think of a better location for a winter fair! The square will be transformed into a Christmas Fair where Utrecht creatives get a platform to showcase their products. So its also a perfect time to buy gifts for Christmas.

Utrecht creatives will present their products at the Winter Fair. Beautiful and unique creations of porcelain will decorate the stall of Studio Ineke van der Werff. Buro Ruig shows some cool products, such as 3D printed Dom towers. Bond & Smolders, my favorite bakery and pastry shop, will sells some sweets with hot chocolate. The store ‘Greetings from Utrecht, will sell a nice selection of the collection from the store on the Zadelstraat on the Christmas Fair. At Buurtbier you buy beer that has been brewed in Utrecht. Curious about the Utrecht chocolate brand, Mesjokke? Enough reason to come to Karels Winter Fair!

Karels Winter Fair offers much more than just a great opportunity to do Christmas shopping. On the square you can find to the stand of Bistro Karel 5 for cake and hot drinks. And Utrecht snacks from the past can be tasted at Anna’s HapHut.

Note the date: Karels Winter Fair will be organized on Sunday 16th of December.

Grand Hotel Karel V, Geertebolwerk 1 | Like the Facebook event for more info!