Together with the Utrecht Archives, Grand Hotel Karel V is exposing the secrets of the city. Many secrets are still hidden behind the high white walls of the imposing Grand Hotel Karel V. Much has been written about this over the years, but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the former residents of the hotel and restaurant. Easter is the perfect opportunity to dive into Grand Hotel Karel V’s past.

Explore the Grand Hotel Karel V

On Good Friday and second Easter day, you can take a discovery tour with historian and guide Llewellyn Bogaers. She knows every corner of the Karel V and the beautiful garden. She’ll use the historic elements and rooms in the building to bring you into the past. Doors that are usually closed to the public will be open for these two days. And what happened behind them…

The tour will start with coffee and a good slice of apple pie – because all that curiosity will make you crave something tasty. You can also check out the bistro and restaurant’s menus while you’re there, because an afternoon or evening at the Karel 5 is definitely recommended.

On both days, the tour will begin at 10:30 and cost €15 including coffee and pie. Sign up for the tour via

Opening exhibition in the cloister

The new exhibition by the Grand Karel V will be open to visitors starting on April 30th. No less than 10 (reproductions of) drawings from the Utrecht Archive will be displayed in the cloister. The drawings were created by various Utrecht artists, and illustrate some historical moments that took place in the city.

Visit the Grand Hotel Karel exhibition

If you miss the opening of the exhibition, you have plenty time left to drop by Grand Hotel Karel V to admire the paintings. The paintings will stay on display for several months. After a walk down the cloister corridor you can have a drink in the lovely garden to toast to the spring sunshine. Or maybe lunch at the bistro.

Address Grand Hotel Karel V: Geertebolwerk 1

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