Hidden gem in the center of Utrecht

Behind the high walls of the beautiful Grand Hotel Karel V is one of the best kept secrets of the city. Have you ever wondered where the gate on the Springweg leads to? The entrance of Grand Hotel Karel V, right? But behind the walls you will find more than just a historic hotel. Step through the gate and find yourself in a French atmosphere.

Sculpture exhibition in the gardens of Karel V

Grand Hotel Karel V will open a special exhibition together with Morren Galleries on June 30. Impressive sculptures provided by Morren Galleries, located on the Oudegracht, will be exhibited in the 10,000 m2 of the Karel V Gardens. Five beautiful large sculptures by Evert den Hartog will have space to shine. But also a series of small sculptures will be on display in the garden. Evert den Hartog is one of the artists of Morren Galleries. His animal sculptures, in many variations, are cast in bronze and have abstract lines. The images show an element of humor, which gives the image something light and natural. So do not let yourself be held back by the high convent walls any longer. Walk through gate to admire the garden, which is always open to the public.

Also walk by the chef’s herb garden and discover the herbs he uses in the kitchen for his dishes. Then take a seat on the terrace in the beautiful garden for a glass of prosecco and a yummy strawberry cake. The exhibition will run until 17 september 2018.

Beeld - 'Kop in de wolken' 160 x 90 x 80 cm

Karel V photography contest #inspiredbykarel

Do you like photography, or are you hobby photographer or a professional photographer? Then join the fun photo contest held by Karel V. The most beautiful shot on social media wins a 3-course dinner for two. So who knows? You might soon be sitting at a beautifully set dining table in the garden of Karel V.

Geertebolwerk 1 | www.karelv.nl | facebook

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