Every pub, cafe or restaurant seems to have its own quiz night nowadays. Whoever thought that quizzes would become a trend? Well it happened just like that! So which ones are the best to join: the most fun, challenging, have a brilliant and knowledgable quizmaster? If you are looking to strain your brain then keep on reading and check one of these pub quizzes next time you are looking for a fun evening out. For some of these quizzes you need to sign up so always either call ahead to confirm or register through email or a facebook page.

Click on the bold titles to go to the facebook pages for more info.

Quiz: Tuesday – 20 January at 20:00
Entry fee: €1.50 p.p.
Team: 5 participants
Address: Rozenstraat 15

Cafe Lombok
Quiz: Every 2nd Monday of the month
Address: Vleutenseweg 228

Daen’s (The newest quiz location in town. Started on the 6th of January)
Quiz: the teams will play Daen’s quiz and after three months the best team wins a great price.
Team: 3 to 6 participants
Address: Korte Minrebroederstraat 13

Quiz: literature quiz – mostly on Sundays at 20:00 – next one on 21 February
Address: Zadelstraat 20

Cafe Lijn 4
1. Music quiz on the last Monday of the month at 20:00
2. Pub quiz on the second Monday of the month at 20:00
Entry fee: €4 p.p.
Team: 6 participants
Address: Twijnstraat 3

Cafe Voortuin
Quiz: every first Tuesday of the month
Entry fee: €1.50 p.p.
Team: 5 participants
Address: Voorstraat 4

Florin (English pub quiz)
Quiz: Mr. Balls super English pubquiz. Twice a month at 21:15, check for dates here!
Address: Nobelstraat 2

Grand Cafe Lebowski
Quiz: Pubquiz Lebowski, every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 20:15
Entry fee: €4
Team: 6 participants
Address: Domplein 17

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