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Are you a fan of culture and think you’ve already visited all museums in Utrecht? There’s a large chance that you don’t know these hidden gems yet!

1. Museum voor het Kruideniersbedrijf

Het Museum voor het Kruideniersbedrijf is located in the courtyard between ‘t Hoogt and the Lange Jansstraat. This cute 17th-century building immediately exudes history and tranquillity. The museum is also known as the Betje Boerhavemuseum. They offer you a peek into the life of Betje Boerhave, a grocery store owner from the 19th century. After she died, her grandson reconstructed her life based on her diaries. Fun fact: the museum is run entirely by volunteers and is completely free to visit!

2. Nederlands Volksbuurtmuseum

On the historic Waterstraat in Wijk C, you will find the Nederlands Volksbuurtmuseum. Experience what it was like to live in a working-class neighbourhood in the 19th century. The museum describes the life of the ‘ordinary people’ from these decades and that’s exactly what makes this museum so unique. Learn more about the history of Wijk C or about Dutch working neighborhoods in general. Crave more information? MuseumTV made a mini documentary about the museum.   

Ontdek ons pronkstuk tijdens de nationale museumweek. Persoonlijke foto's, objecten en verhalen van de bewoners van Wijk C die deze volksbuurt tot leven brengen. . . . #onsechtegoud #nationalemuseumweek #volksbuurt #utrechtsehistorie #persoonlijkeverhalen #wijkc

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3. Het Restauratieatelier

One of Utrecht’s most famous museums is Museum Speelklok, who store a huge collection of self-playing instruments. You can imagine that these instruments need the necessary maintenance time regularly. Who takes care of that? The restoration workshop does. Located at Flora’s Hof, you will find the restoration studio in the big building that was formerly used as a school. Since 2009, the studio is also opened for the public, like a mini-museum. Visiting hours are every first Wednesday of the month from 14:00. Are you visiting Museum Speelklok and are you curious about the restoration studio? Reserve a spot!

The dial of this Jansen clock from 1890has a lot to show: seconds, minutes, hours, days, dates, months, constellations, seasons, years, leap years, moon phase, sunrise and sunset and you can choose between 12 melodies! Wow! . . #loisformuseumspeelklok #clock #speelklok #mechanicalmiracle #museum #museumspeelklok #whattimeisit #utrecht

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4. Stichting FOTODOK

You will find Stichting FOTODOK in an old school building on the Lange Nieuwstraat. Photo exhibitions, lectures and debates are regularly organized here. FOTODOK not only tells stories through traditional photography, but also through film and virtual reality. Lately, a new exhibition has opened up: ‘Why Work?’, about the future of  full-time jobs. The exhibition is open for visitors from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 17:00. You can find more information here.

Our #exhibition Why Work? is open between 12 and 17 o'clock. We are located at the Lange Nieuwstraat 7 in #Utrecht next to an idyllic communal #garden where you can enjoy the sun and a monumental tree too. During the weekend #guidedtours start at 13.30 and 15.30. #documentary #photography #art #thefutureofwork #imagination

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