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WT Urban Kitchen | Dining in the chef’s kitchen

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Restaurant WT Urban Kitchen is known for its beautiful view from the 10th floor of the water tower. If you want to get a spot there, you have to book well in advance. But did you know that dining on the 9th floor is also a great experience? Let me tell you all about is in this blog.

Dining overlooking the kitchen

I had the pleasure to dine on the 10th floor for lunch or dinner and that’s great. I only saw the 9th floor when I was on my way to and from the top floor. I was always interested in what was going on, on this floor, where the kitchen is, and regularly stopped to see what the chefs were preparing for the next course.

A few weeks ago I got the chance to experience the dinner on the 9th floor by invitation. We were welcomed by a friendly hostess who gave us a sparkling glass of cava to usher in the evening. Let me tell you, then your evening starts off very well.

Parade of tasty dishes

WT Urban Kitchen continues to surprise guests with new delicious dishes. The menu changes regularly, so a number of dishes that we have tasted are no longer on the menu.  Still I will give you an impression of what we have eaten that evening.

Besides the cava we were served two amuses. What a taste bombs! Our first dish was a beautiful colourful picture of green asparagus, quinoa, romanesco, onion, pecorino and hazelnut crumble. It was a delicious fresh dish with crunchy bite. Then we got a soup of pumpkin, curry, cashew, coconut, myouga and Dutch shrimp. Full and soft taste but with a kick. Followed by halibut, broccoli, sprat, wasabi, herring roe and beurre blanc.


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This was followed by two meat dishes, both of which had an excellent taste. The chef’s special of white asparagus, oxtail, sambai, mustard seed and crème fraîche and the main course of veal, rendang, carrots, garam masala, atjar with blueberry. According to my table-mate the main course was close to perfection. I can only agree with her. The meat was butter soft and pure in taste. The surprise was in the rendang, which was well seasoned. We ended the evening with a dessert of blood orange, almond, tarragon, yoghurt and cava. The dessert was a little disappointing. Especially since all the other courses were terribly tasty, we had very high expectations.

At each course the waiters told us enthusiastically about what was on the beautiful plates and poured a matching wine: from fresh white to fragrant red. All equally surprising and delicious.

On the 9th floor you can experience the beating heart of the restaurant. It is cosy and it is impressive and inspiring to see how the crew is busy creating beautiful dishes. If you still want to enjoy the view, please let the hostess know at the beginning of the evening. Usually it is possible to take a seat on the 10th floor at the end of the evening.

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