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A weekend exploring Amersfoort

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We’ve been to Amersfoort for Explore Utrecht before. Every visit, we become even more enthusiastic about this lovely city. Amersfoort has a small, historical, and compact city center, where cool hotspots pop out of the ground like mushrooms. A day in Amersfoort is not enough to discover what the city has to offer. Therefore, I decided to pack up my bags and spend a weekend in this cosy city.

Lodging at Long John’s Pub

My Amersfoort weekend started at Hotel Long John, also known as Hotel Lange Jan because of its location: right beside the Lieve Vrouwetoren. The hotel is run by Long John’s Pub, a cosy café on the lively square surrounded by lots of cafés and restaurants. It’s in the heart of Amersfoort, so a great starting point to explore the city. Checking in is friendly and quick. Within a few minutes, I’m sitting at the bar with a good glass of beer. A fine welcome drink if you ask me.

My room is big enough for one person, with a lovely bed that you can sink into and a nice view. After a good sleep, I’m well  rested and ready to explore the city. But I won’t leave the hotel without having breakfast! Breakfast at John John’s is well taken care of. The breakfast buffet isn’t extensive but you certainly won’t be missing anything. In any case, all my favourite dishes are lined up in a row, ready to be served. Think scrambled eggs, fried bacon, fluffy pancakes, warm croissants, and baguette. There are also various types of bread spreads and toppings. After a hearty breakfast, it’s time to head into the city.

Shopping in Amersfoort

My day begins in the Krommestraat, the nicest street in the city. Because I’m looking for nice, independent shops, I’d rather ignore the big chains this weekend. The Krommestraat offers lots of lovely stores. The first stop is ROOST: a clothing store with nice, affordable clothing brands for both women and men. You can easily browse through the store for something beautiful while enjoying a cup of coffee. Next, I walk into Lykke Moodstore, a small but beautiful interior store with furniture, accessories, cards and posters, gorgeous coffee table books, and more. At the back, you can even drink a cup of coffee. A store that makes me happy!

A bit further along in the Mooierstraat, you’ll find Blur your life, a concept store with a nice collection and a café for lunch or coffee with a treat. Blur sells beautiful interior items with a Scandinavian look, minimalistic jewelry, inspiring books and cards, kitchen accessories, and lots more.

Taste Amersfoort

I take a short coffee break at Corazon. This hot spot has been on my ‘to visit’ list for a while. The coffee house is bustling! Cups of coffee and cakes are brought to the tables in a relaxed manner. And the staff are even singing ‘happy birthday’ to someone who’s celebrating at the back. I enjoy a delicious carrot cake while watching the scene. Where else do you still see this in the Netherlands?

The Blueberry is the place to be for delicious American dishes, served all day long. This little spot in the center is cheerfully decorated. Pictures of typical American places and highlights hang on the walls throughout the place. An ode to America! The atmosphere is fantastic: enthusiastic guests who all want to order delicious goodies. Of course, pancakes are my favorite! You can choose between three types: plain, banana, and red velvet. Oh, and the creamy cheesecake is a slice of heaven. You’ll find The Blueberry at Hof 21. They recently opened a second location in Amersfoort North. The opening party was a heavenly treat!

Good Dishes is closed | Good Dishes opened two months ago, and it’s already running smoothly. The spacious establishment is nicely decorated with beautiful jungle wallpaper and a big bar in the middle of the place. A healthy lifestyle begins at Good Dishes and there are lots of delicious dishes on the menu. Because healthy should also be yummy – how else would this lifestyle be sustainable? Movement is also important at Good Dishes: you can sign up for a boot camp here and work hard with a group of work-out enthusiasts. Good Dishes will soon be starting a weight loss project too, saving you a lot of hassle. All you have to do is tell them how much you want to lose, and then order and pick up dishes. Oh yeah, and sign up for the boot camp! I almost regret not living in Amersfoort.

Want to enjoy culinary delights in a gorgeous setting? Central 4/5 is closed | At Central 4/5, you first have to check into NS before you can take a seat in the restaurant. The hostess then takes your coat and leads you to a perfectly set table with a sweet, soft, pink tablecloth. The menu mainly consists of classic French dishes, but a couple of Italian dishes give a nod to the restaurant’s former concept. In the kitchen, Christine is the boss. She’s grown from pupil to chef. We enjoy a delicious four-course dinner. The culinary journey begins with oysters and ends with a lovely, homemade apple crumble cheesecake with vanilla ice cream. While we’re enjoying all these goodies, trains ride by, and curious travelers peek inside. After the feast, we check into NS again. My friend Esther takes the train back to Utrecht, and I continue on my Amersfoort adventure.

A weekend in Amersfoort is great fun and highly recommended. The city has plenty to offer, and 48 hours are quickly filled. You’ve got to plan another weekend, because the city continues to surprise you.