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Sports in Utrecht: where to go?

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Is your timeline also full with post from fast moving, power lifting, sportive people since the first of January? Do you have good intentions to work-out and to live a healthier lifestyle? Have … you started already? Of course you can go to the gym, but will you be happy there?

Sports in Utrecht? Try something different!

Utrechters are really sporty people. In the city there are many sports clubs, gyms, sports initiatives and events. Very nice, but what are you looking for and what would you like to do? In the context of ‘doing something different’ we will mention fun and different kins of sports. In the coming months we will review these sports by category. Sometimes with a comprehensive review, if we have followed lessons. Sometimes with a short interview with the promoters.

Get inspired, get off the couch and start working on those new years resolutions.

Individual sports with powerrrr!

  • Get bootcamping with The Bootcamp Club Utrecht, with outdoor full body workouts on all days of the week. The Bootcamp Club Utrecht offer more than 70 training sessions per week in several parks in Utrecht. Such as Griftpark, Lepelenburg, Oog in Al, Wilhelminapark, Julianapark and Maximapark.
  • Try Crossfit at UnScared located at 2e Daalsedijk 4bis. CrossFit is a kind of fitness which combines weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics. You work with dumbells, kettlebells, ropes, pull up bars and more.
  • Are you interested in Martial Arts? Then visit Duncan’s Training Center located at Arkansasdreef 34. Under the guidance of qualified trainers you can start training. At Duncan’s Training Center you can also follow a special program for a few weeks so you can work on your fit goals for 2018.
  • Start running! You can do this on your own of course, but Utrecht also has several running clubs you can join. We have trained with Girls Running Squad.
  • Try Aerial Yoga, the latest yoga hype at the moment, with lessons Dansstudio Aerial located at Westerkade 10. Aerial Yoga is a mix of yoga postures and acrobatic moves, having from the ceiling at the dance studio. It is said to be the ultimate way to relax.

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Picture: Joyce Bongers

Individual sports and relaxation

  • Learn more about your body and relax at Bikram Yoga Utrecht, located at Servaasbolwerk 15. Bikram Yoga, also know as hot yoga, is a yoga-class in a heated room. The class focuses on breathing and 26 hatha yoga possess. You can also take hot yoga classes at Yoga Moves located at Jan van Scorelstraat 41.  Hot yoga or hot vinyasa yoga is a great way to relax and train your body with awareness at the heat.
  • Get more balance and join a Pilates class at Pilates Studio Utrecht located at Deken Roesstraat 2b. Body and mind work together to get you into shape.
  • For the ladies: start training at the well known bbb health boutique, located at Oudenoord 219. bbb health boutique is a unique concept with focus on food, training and coaching. During a 30 minute training session you train the large muscles with a combination cardio- and strength in a warm cabine. But also outside of the cabine there are yoga and other classes available. The private changing rooms and shower are a big plus.
  • Or try Tai Chi at Tai-chi-centrum Oost located at Sweelinckstraat 31. More and more people are discovering the benefits of this ancient Chinese art of movement with relaxation, vitality and mental peace as the main effects.
  • The most obvious sport in this category is of course yoga. In Utrecht there are a lot of initiatives, but have you ever tried yoga outdoors? If not, its time to give it a try at Yoga Vida, located at Strand Oog in Al (not in the winter months).

Individual sports with a twist

  • Do you want to excercise individualy, but with someone? Maybe fencing at Schermvereniging Pallos is something you might want to try. Fencing focusses on endurance, precision, strategic thinking and strength training.
  • Pole dancing only something for night clubs? Nothing could be further from the truth. Pole dancing, also called pole fitness is a top sport and is becoming increasingly popular. Would you like to work on your strength, agility and technics? Follow classes at Sportief Paaldansen, located on Papendorpseweg 99.
  • I’m sure you have seen them on the Oudegracht. The SUPpers! At Stand Up Paddle, SUP for short, or suppen, you stand on a long board and move forward by using a paddle. Blown over from Hawai, this sport is increasing popularity in the Netherlands. Would you like to learn the proper paddle technique? Wanna give it a go? Follow classes at SUPschool Domstad
  • Skateboarden, when kids are at it, seems so easy. Have you tried it? Skateboarding combines physical exercise with precise muscle coordination and balance. At Utrecht, Koningin Wilhelminalaan 4, you can take lessons to learn skate techniques.

Team sports with a twist

  • Jump and Fly with a team on an inflatable playing field during a Bossaball training. This new sport combines the best from soccer, volleyball and gymnastics on a playground with trampolines. Training for Bossaball are at The Sportbox, Nijverheidsweg 29.
  • Think you can handle a beating? Try the fast, tactical and technical team sport Lacrosse, originally from Canada and the US. It is a combination of better-known sports like basketball, hockey and American football. Try Lacrosse with the Domstad Devils, Manitobadreef 4.
  •  In Canada is the national sport, but we Dutch people are still a bit sceptical about curling. Are you looking for a team sport in which collaboration and communication are just as important as the individual performance. You like to learn how to aim, slide and sweep? Curling Club Utrecht lessons, located on Vechtsebanen, Mississippidreef 151.
  • I’m sure you have thrown a frisbee or two on the beach. But do you know that this is a team sport as well? It’s more then just throwing a frisbee. Active and fun ultimate frisbee traning are giving at UFO, Rio de Janeirodreef 201-203.

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Picture: Ultimate Frisbee

My main tip: set some goals that you want to reach and do something that makes you happy. If you have cool suggestions for sports in Utrecht? Leave your comment behind in the comments at the bottom of this page.