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Talud9 Coffee & Wine

Talud9, located on the ‘t wed was a hit from the opening. Talud9 is a small wine & coffee bar situated on one of the most buzzing squares of Utrecht. The interior is very cosy, with a bar at the side and large high tables on the other side of the room. Talud 9 looks a little like a wine seller, the lights are dimmed and the candles shimmer enough light through the room. It’s a great spot to meet up with friends to have a chat and drink delicious wines. I do recommend that you order the chocolate cheesecake, it isn’t always on the menu but I think it should be because it is the best I ever tasted. Prefer something savory then a cheese plater should do just fine. During the day you can have coffee and pastries at Talud 9, sit on the terrace and watch people rushing by as they do their shopping. They also serve breakfast, something I will check out soon.

Talud9 is located near the Dom Tower and some museums, a good spot to take a break when you are discovering the city. Talud 9 also offers a boot ride so you can view the city from the canals. If you want to have a taste of Utrechtse gezelligheid, book the Talud 9 wine boat (wijnsloep) for an evening tour on the canals. Or perhaps  a high tea with sweet stuff from ‘Zoet van Lies’ in the afternoon.

Address: Donkeregaard 9

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Pics and Google view by Marcel, Google Business Photographer.

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