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Stayokay opens its doors to Utrecht!

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You’re bound to have more than an “okay” stay at the city’s newest hostel, located right on Neude with views to prove it. This bustling location makes it the ideal spot for tourists as well as friends and family visiting from out of town, as the Oudegracht is just around the corner, and a bus from the train station lets you off right in front of the hostel.

But the Stayokay is much more than a host to backpackers, travelers, and families on vacation. They’ve worked hard to make this a community space – turning the second floor into a massive cafe decked out in funky modern furniture with a can’t-miss view of Neude. Here, you can buy a cup of coffee and sip on it for the day while working. You can also enjoy a beer at the bar and chat with fellow travelers. Before Stayokay took over the property, this space was owned and operated by the ABN Amro – and you can still find remnants of that like the old safe door that’s now part of the rentable conference room.

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If you’ve been living in Utrecht a while now, you know how desperately this hostel was needed. There weren’t many in town – so having a big, major establishment like Stayokay set up shop right in the center is an answer to all our prayers (as our couches and living rooms no longer have to be piled with guests). Now, you can send your guests here – where rooms are affordable and can accommodate single travelers, large groups, and even families.

One of the biggest highlights of the Stayokay is how modern it is. After months of renovations Stayokay has truly designed, and decorated the hostel in a clean, contemporary, and fun way that might make you forget you’re in a hostel at all. Frankly, the cafe looks like something out of a boutique hotel, and the rooms are fine.

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So – welcome to town, Stayokay! We’re glad to have you here. Be sure to check out the photos by Susanne Sterkenburg to get a tour of this awesome new hostel.