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Sim Son Hair salon at the Springweg

Finally i’m writing this blog. It has been a hectic period for me and when I need to relax I visit the hairdresser.

Suddenly I decided to look for another hairdresser in Utrecht. I wasn’t happy anymore with my hairstyle and my hairdresser, so I start to look around for other options. Besides having a hairdresser that can cut hair perfectly I was also looking for a bit extra. I love to chat with my hairdresser (and not only about the weather), the hairdresser needs to remember me the next time I visit the salon.

With my requirements in the back of my head, I started searching the internet for ‘the’ hair-salon in Utrecht and soon I found the one I needed to test: Sim Son. It caught my eye right away and do I picked up the phone and made an appointment.

Sim Son is a new hair-salon on the Springweg. The salon is located on the corner of the Springweg in an old white Residence with detailed window frames and two hairdressing chairs behind the window.

The owners are two friends who decided, after a few years of working in different salons, to start a hair-salon together. When you walk by Sim Son, you will not immediately notice that it a hair-salon. This was done intentionally. The salon had to be small and cosy, a place where people feel like home. And not a large space with big signs and lights by the door, with an over the top pricelist and a row of chairs where you can take a seat and be picked to style.

And it works! I love the concept of these two guys. The interior is unique, warm and very lovely! They made the statement furniture themselves. In the salon there is a maximum of 2 customers rule. So you get all the attention during your visit. The prices are reasonable, they have set fixed prices. So you will not be surprised when you go to pay like at some salons, because they used a special hairspray or gel on your hair.

In the mean time I’m writing this blog I decided to spoil myself and made a new appointment to relax for 3rd time at Sim Son.

I’m excited about Sim Son and think you’ll love it to!

Address: Springweg 12

Google map [highlight]here[/highlight]!

Contribution by Samantha Wicht of Taste with Sam
Pictures below are from David Kulen, the interior designer of Sim Son.