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Fashion at Public Image Labels | Schoutenstraat

PIL Fashion Schoutenstraat Explore Utrecht 7

Located on the Schoutenstraat you will find several nice stores, one of them is Public Image Labels. P.I.L. Fashion has a beautiful and collection for women and men. The shop has been refurbished last year and so there was more space for nice items. The interior is very surprising with tropical wallpaper and a buhda statue. The building is gorgeous on its own, with a black steal staircase and a cute courtyard. So the interior deserves some attention as well.

What to buy at P.I.L. Fashion

At P.I.L. Fashion you will find exspensive as well as afortable brands. But also beautiful accessories such as jewelry, handbags, belts and scarves. The collection is very extensive and holds items for a casaul up to a bussiness style. You are going to have a hard time picking something if you don’t have a goal and are just going for a fun day of shopping. From my own expierence I can say that the jeans and knitwear are worth a fitting session. At P.I.L Fashion you can shop a wardrobe for a whole season, make sure you take your time because you will want to try on as much as possible. Be warned the collection is very tempting.

Address: Schoutenstraat 4

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Pictures by Michaela of New Life Beginning 

PIL Fashion Schoutenstraat Explore Utrecht 5