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Satriales: the best pizzabar in Northwest

Satriale's pizzabar noordwest

When you live in the Northwest area of Utrecht, you know it’s unavoidable. You always have to get on your bike to find a nice place to meet up and have a bite to eat. Luckily tides are slowly changing, with Gys settling at the beginning of the Amsterdamsestraatweg while back and now with the opening of pizzabar Satriales!

Satriale's Pizzabar Explore Utrecht 2

Halfway down the Amsterdamsestraatweg, on the Plantage, Satriales has opened her doors in March. Satriales has set up camp in one of the three buildings of Utrecht’s former abattoir, which they’ve converted in a place you’d love to have dinner with family and friends. The wood-fired masonry oven produces exceptionally good pizza’s. An unbeatably tasty crust, topped with first-rate ingredients like vegetarian tuna or the best Italian prosciutto, in surprising combinations.

I’ve visited Satriales three times now, so you can imagine how happy I am with the arrival of this pizzabar!

Plantage 1b | Website | Facebook |

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 4-10pm

Photo’s Lisa Peters

Satriale's Pizzabar Explore Utrecht 3