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A visit to Spa Cube is a real treat!

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While biking to Spa Cube I can’t stop thinking about work. But as soon as I step into the beauty salon, all those thoughts seem to stop. The building that the salon is located in looks very nice and now my heart is racing with excitement. The space is light because of the white walls, which I love, and as I step in there is a calm that comes over me. I meet the the owner Clausie Geurts, who is a skin expert. Then, while I take a look at all the products in the salon and admire the bright colored chairs, Claudie pours me a cup of Løv Organic tea.

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When I compliment Claudie on her lovely salon she eagerly starts telling me about her background as a skin expert, makeup artist, pedicurist and manicurist, “After working for other salons for eight years I was looking for a new challenge. At the end of 2014 I started Spa Cube. My most important goal is to make people feel beautiful. That is why I only work with skin improving products. At the salon we work with Dermalogica for the skin and SpaRitual for hands and feet. These products leave your skin not only looking nice but also healthy”.


These are nice promises, but to see if it’s true I will get a facial myself. First I have to fill out a questionnaire concerning my skin condition and lifestyle. After this is done we walk to the treatment-room for a facial. First Claudie starts with doing an analysis of my skin this is called Face Mapping. After this I get a facial which consists of: cleansing, peeling, removing imperfections, and a eyebrow touch-up.  I feel I’m getting prettier by the minute.

While I relax Claudie is busy with pots and spatulas. I’m getting curious and ask her what she is doing. She explained: “I’m mixing different kinds of products so that I get a mask that suits the needs of your skin”.

After the mask has been put on my face I get a shoulder massage so I can totally relax. At the end Claudie puts some day creme and breathable camouflage by Lycogel on my face. This product will make sure I don’t leave the salon with a red face. This confirms what I have been thinking: bij Spa Cube thinks of all the little details.

Mani and pedi

When I walked out of the cube feeling all zen, Marlijn is waiting on me for my second treatment. She has been working at Spa Cube for about a year now and is experienced in skin improvement, as well as manicure and pedicure. I have never had my nails taking care of this extensively! The nail oil by Dadi’Oil smells great and leaves my nails looking shiny. When Marlijn asks me which color nail polish I would like on my nails, I feel a bit stressed. There is so much to choose from, and I don’t know what color will look best. Eventually  Claudie advises a grey polish, and indeed it looks awesome.

The last stop is the sofa for a pedi. I put my feet into a bath filled with warm water and a little oil. Marlijn polishes my nails, scrubs my feet and removes calluses. At the end she rubs my feet in with crème by SpaRitual, that leaves my feet soft until late that night.


What Claudie told me prior to the treatments is correct, because when I walk out the door I’m beaming. The only drawback I can think of is that the treatments are not very cheap. A facial is starts at €72.00. Prior to the appointment I thought that was a lot of money, but trust me: a visit to Spa Cube is worth it.

Goodie bag gift

The treatments at Spa Cube are a present for yourself. And that’s why we at Explore Utrecht want you to experience Spa Cube. That is why we have a special promotion in cooperation with Spa Cube set up:

Book a Spa Cube Skin Treatment for € 59,- instead of € 72,-. 

This promotion is valid until 30 juni 2016. And don’t wait too long, because the first Explore Utrecht followers get a Skin Treatment goodie bag! When booking make sure you name Explore Utrecht so this gets noted with your appointment. Enjoy!

Oudegracht 211 | Google map spa-cube.nl

Email: info@spa-cube.nl
Telefoon: 030 259 17 80

Advertorial by Sanne Portman.