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SAAR, versatile restaurant on the Catharijnesingel

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Wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city? Restaurant SAAR recently opened at the Catharijnesingel is surely a great option for lunch or dinner.

SAAR has a living room atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy special dishes and good wines. The owners: Sandra and Ramon wanted a new challenge. After setting up and running the Zwarte Vosch, a restaurant along the Oudegracht, it was time for something new. After a viewing of the empty building on the corner of the Catharijnesingel the adventure began.

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Café | Resto | Deli around the corner

Owners Sandra and Ramon, wanted a restaurant with a living room atmosphere where you can eat well without any fuss. Sandra runs the restaurant and welcomes the guests. While Ramon is busy in the kitchen cooking dishes that have surprising taste combinations. The relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant is felt as soon as you cross the threshold. The interior reminds me of delicatessen shops in Portugal. Beautiful colored cans of fish on the counter, well stocked wine racks and a lot of goodies directly in sight for you order. 

Tasting of exceptional flavours

Sandra has invited me to come and taste their menu. And of course I accepted the invitation. I choose a spot at the window overlooking the Catharijnesingel and take a seat at on of the high tables. Curiously I cast a glance at the menu. The combination of ingredients of some dishes surprises me.

The tasting starts well with a glass of orange wine. Orange wines are made from light to dark coloured grapes, with the skins being taken along in the fermentation process. This gives the wine a dark color. I have never tasted this extraordinarily wine before. It is Delicious!

The first dish is a warm salad of grilled eggplant, shiitake, peas falafel and pumpkin seeds with a fresh dressing. A dish full of different flavors and textures. I like the taste a lot! The softness of the eggplant and shiitake, the bite of the peas falafel and the fresh taste of the dressing. Then a savoury tompoes of long cooked Basque sausage, puff pastry and sweetened apple with onion powder is served by the chef. I can best describe this dish as a warm embrace on a cold winter day. Feel free to order a glass of red wine with it.

The tasting ends with a dessert of cauliflower panna cotta, granny-smit sorbet and almonds. Again I’m pleasantly surprised! Although I am still curious about the cheesecake made of 2 years matured Gouda cheese. Oh well, then I also have a good reason to jump on my bike again. If this blog made you curious about SAAR, jump on your bike and go for a ride to Catharijnesingel?

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Opening hours:
Wednesday t/m Saturday 11:00 – 0:00[/box]

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