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Restaurant SYR – Dining for a good cause

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A little cultural gem opened their doors in June thanks to crowdfunding through the initiative of the GYS foundation. Today, Syr now sits on the beautiful Lange Nieuwstraat next to the Dom Tower.

This restaurant wouldn’t have been possible without the community. Large numbers of people donated their money and volunteers came in the droves to help get the restaurant going. Within just three weeks enough money was raised to get started – a new record!

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Postive vibes

Syr is a positive movement in a climate where there’s a lot of ignorance surrounding refugees in our country, and our city. These newcomers have ambitions and talents just like the rest of us – and the hopes of SYR is to make it a place where they can acheive those.

So, have you ever eaten salty baklava? We did! At the opening of Syr we had a blast enjoying delicious food, and a room full of people singing and dancing. Even the Chiefs took the time to have a dance in between their cooking! You couldn’t just see how happy they were to have this opportunity – you could feel it. That day, we welcomed them into the community just as much as they welcomed us.

Dining for a good cause

The restaurant is being managed by professionals alongside the newcomers. You’ll be surprised by the combination of Syrian and European habits, as well as herbs and ingredients. The menu offers dishes from Syria, but with a twist. Try the yabrak Mon alryash: wine leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat, served with lambchops. Or do you prefer a mussel dish with kurkumasauce? Take a look at their website for the full menu. And then pop by to enjoy the hospitality, the culture and a three course menu for only 25 euros.

Plus – you’re being a good samaritan when you head over to Syr for a tasty meal. This year the restaurant is donating the profits to the foundation for refugee-students UAF .

Overall, Syr is a place where the old and the new Utrecht meets – and does it well. Explore it for yourself!

Website | Facebook | Lange Nieuwstraat 71

Opening hours: every day from 11:30 until 22:00.
Book a table via the  website

Images: Susanne Sterkenburg