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Restaurant MiLi in Utrecht serves tasteful Asian dishes

Restaurant MiLi Biltstraat Utrecht Sushi

The menu of restaurant MiLi in Utrecht is full of Asian classics, but also promises a number of dishes with a western twist. Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? Reason enough for us to stop by. You can read the final verdict in this blog. 

The first thing I notice when I enter is the wallpaper with large black trees and the purple chairs. Personally it’s not my thing, but the orchids (my darlings) and the red blossoms make me very happy. They may be fake, but they are no less beautiful. I’ve just had a long day so I quickly sat down with my bestie at a table and we both ordered a glass of wine.

Go crazy: be surprised

So I’m the kind of person who checks the menu online in advance, because otherwise I doubt too long in the restaurant. And let’s face it, waiting for someone to make a choice while you’re hungry doesn’t make anyone happy. So I spare my friends my indecision and check what I want to eat in advance.

Most of the time but because the day didn’t go as expected, I didn’t have time to check the menu. I was also very hungry so when the waiter walked to us with the menu, I immediately indicated that I wanted to be surprised. If you are an easy eater just like me, I recommend you to be surprised once in a while. That way you can taste things you might never choose yourself. Of course you should indicate if you have any allergies or wishes, otherwise the fun will soon be over…

Restaurant MiLi in Utrecht

We start the dinner with sushi and when I say sushi I mean real sushi, because this was fresh fish and you can taste it with every bite. It was so good that I almost regretted not only ordering sushi. The second course consisted of vegetarian peking duck, wrapped in Chinese pancakes. A fine dish, but for me it couldn’t match the sushi. This was mainly because of the pancakes that I found a bit faint.

My absolute favourite dish was the sea bass. This was both a feast for the eyes and a taste sensation for your taste buds. The sea bass was surrounded by a delicious crispy layer of roasted noodles and decorated with mint and sweet flowers. Delicious!


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Shared dessert

The fourth course consisted of plain shrimps with spicy rice. A fine dish, but just too heavy after all the previous one. In the end I didn’t eat everything. Sneaky too, because I wanted to have enough space for dessert. And that was a good decision, because the dessert was deliciously sweet and refreshing. Together with my bestie I shared a fine piece of cheesecake with lychee ice cream. A delicious combination and closing!

Restaurant MiLi Biltstraat Utrecht

It was a nice evening with a lot of delicious dishes on my plate. I didn’t notice the western twist in the dishes, but that could also be due to the chosen dishes. All in all, restaurant MiLi in Utrecht gets a good final assessment and we would definitely visit again. So therefore this is a recommendation.

Address restaurant MiLi in Utrecht

Biltstraat 47
3572 AE
Phone: 030 369 0266
E-mail: info@mi-li.nl

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