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LE:EN – Tasting session at Heuveloord

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A visit to Restaurant LE:EN, located on Heuveloord, was long overdue. LE:EN, as you might know by now, is one of our favorite restaurants. The asian-fusion restaurant is still in the Explore Utrecht top five. It’s an awesome place for a relaxed evening out, and the creative use of space makes the industrial look feel cosy. You can lounge on the comfortable sofa’s or hang outside on the large terrace during summer.

Tasting new dishes

The new menu has been in place for a while now. But we still wanted to give you an update on some new dishes. Of course the golden oldies are worth a taste as well. And when LE:EN calls for a tasting session, we don’t dare to say no. The new dishes on the menu add more options for people with different lifestyles. Now the menu is more balanced and there is something for everyone.

An afternoon at LE:EN starts with bread and dip, this classic is a must to order.  After we ordered four salads to taste. These salads are perfect for vegetarians and/or vegans. LE:EN is aiming to also add more options on the menu for vegetarian, vegans and raw foodism-followers.  As a carnivore you might not want to think about ordering anything vegan. I myself prefer a nice, long cooked, piece of pork belly over a salad. Luckily the menu offers enough dishes for meat lovers.

Tasty & surprising  salads

The mango, avocado, bean sprouts salad with sweet chili dressing is very surprising. Maybe a strange combination, but very tasty thanks to the chili dressing. And this salad goes very well with the crisp porkbelly. Pair this combo up with a dragonfly cocktail and you’ve got a winner! Also try a glass of uzo; LE:EN has a great selection on the menu. Ask the crew for advice, they know how to match different tastes with the dishes.

  1. mango | avocado | bean sprouts | sweet chilli dressing
  2. chinese cabbage salad | wakame | sesame | coin | crispy sweet potato
  3. smoked tofu | watermelon | watercress | caramelized sunflower seeds | Sesame dressing
  4. broccoli | bok choy | cashew nuts | red pepper | tamarind dressing

Homemade lemonades

There are also some new lemonades on the menu at LE:EN. These refreshing drinks are as pure as possible, and very tasty on a warm sunny day. Also try the special coffees, not even the best coffee place will have these on the menu.

Tip! Follow the facebook page so you get updates on the new adventures of restaurant LE:EN. Could have some new concepts coming up that you don’t want to miss.

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Photo credits – Michaela – The new life beginning

*Vegans refrain from consuming animal products, not only meat but also eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances.

*Vegetarian doesn’t eat meat or fish, but do eat dairy and eggs.

*Raw foodism is a lifestyle of eating only uncooked and unprocessed foods.