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Organizing a party? Five party locations in Utrecht!

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Is it your birthday or graduation soon? Did you just get a promotion or a new job? Or have another reason to celebrate? You can do that in Utrecht! A short while ago I was looking for a good party location myself for drinks to celebrate my graduation. Since I found the search difficult, I’ve listed five cool locations for you below.

The upstairs bar in Grand Café Lebowski

You can throw a good party at Grand Café Lebowski. It’s in a sparkling location: namely, right across from the Dom. What a lot of people don’t know is that this café has a so-called “upstairs bar”. This is a room with its own bar on the first floor of the Grand Café. Stairs at the back of the café bring you to this closed off upstairs bar. A place just for you and your guests. What’s special about this bar is that it’s nicely decorated. It’s super chic here! Lebowski doesn’t ask for a rental fee, just a revenue guarantee of 500 euros. You can head over with about 70 guests. Grand Café Lebowski

Café Van Velsen

Throwing a party is totally easy at Café van Velsen: they don’t ask for any rental fee or revenue guarantee! Awesome if you want to have a private drink with a small group. Van Velsen has a very extensive drinks menu and also offers different Utrecht beers! For parties, they’ll reserve the back part of the café for you and your guests. Café van Velsen borders Mariaplaats, making it a great location. You can have up to 50 people here for a good party. Café Van Velsen

Eetcafé The Hemingway

Eetcafé (eatery) The Hemingway is also a great place for a private party or drink. With a beautiful location on the Janskerkhof, this café offers space for about 50 guests. And they don’t ask for any revenue guarantee or rental fee. The advantage of this location is that if you come with more than 40 people, the ground floor of the café is all yours. It’s also handy that the café is easily accessible by public transit (the bus stops right in front of the door!). And you’re also allowed to deck out the bottom floor however you please: decorations, tables pushed aside, nothing is too crazy. Eetcafé The Hemingway

De Witte Ballons Restaurant

De Witte Ballons is right in the middle of the bustling center of Utrecht. They offer an atmospheric room in the basement of the restaurant. This room has its own bar and can accommodate about 100 guests. With a beautiful terrace on the Oudegracht, this is a lovely location for a private party. And you also get a good view on the Dom here. De Witte Ballons doesn’t ask for a rental fee, but they do ask for a revenue guarantee of 750 euro. But if you’re coming for a drink with 100 guests, then that’s not a problem, right?De Witte Ballons Restaurant

Café Ome Willem

Think karaoke will complete your party? Then café Ome Willem is the place for you! Café Ome Willem is the karaoke café in Utrecht. With more than 1,500 karaoke songs, you and your guests can enjoy yourselves all night. With the look of a cozy student café and an extensive drinks menu with a huge variety of shots, you’ll be taken back to your student days. The café can be rented out for a maximum of 65 people. What’s handy about café Ome Willem is that you can choose a drinks arrangement. This is available from 19.50 per person if you bring 20 guests. If you don’t want this, the café asks for a revenue guarantee or 250 euros. Cafe Ome Willem