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Miyagi & Jones – new spot in Utrecht West

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I’ve lived in the city center of Utrecht for years now, surrounded by restaurants and cafés, so I’ve got plenty of choices for a night out. Outside of the center, I have a number of favourites that I go to once in a while for a bite with friends. And I was recently able to add the new Miyagi & Jones, in Utrecht West, to the list. Miyagi & Jones, located on the Veenmarktplein, is an Asian gastro & streetfood restaurant with a Western twist.

With 65 dishes on the menu, it isn’t easy to choose at Miyagi & Jones. In one evening you can enjoy three rounds of four dishes, so then you get to taste twelve dishes in total (for two people). I didn’t even count dessert, which is pretty sizeable. Besides that, you can choose between more than 30 types of specialty beer. You can even assemble your own gin & tonic or vodka.  So count on a full evening program, you’ll have a lot of work to do.

Miyagi & Jones Square ‘where east meets west’

Let’s taste…

The evening began with two gin & tonics: one from their menu and one original creation. We sat the menu aside, because we chose the Chef’s Special. Decision making stress is not for us and we love being surprised. In the first round, we enjoyed crispy chicken thigh, smoked salmon, a raw sushi combo and Korean beef. We were happily surprised and curious about the new round. A few minutes later, the following round hit the table: broccoli salad, spicy Thai beef, a sashimi combo and Peking duck crêpes. The broccoli salad was disappointing, but we would definitely order the rest again. I’ve even put the Peking duck crêpes on my list of favourites. Awesome!

And the third round…? Oh yeah, we didn’t make that! Why not? We’re pretty used to big portions, but the portions at Miyagi & Jones were a bit too big, even for us! Regardless, we still ended the evening with a lovely dessert of lemon curd, lemon ice cream, amaretti crumble, and mascarpone. Indeed lemon-licious! We ordered two pots of jasmin tea to go with it.

And that third round? We’ll definitely make it back for that one soon, because Miyagi & Jones is a cool place for some nice bites with friends and your BFF.

Combo & deal

You can combine Miyagi & Jones nicely with a movie at Kinepolis or a theater performance at the Beatrix Theater, both of which are within walking distance of the restaurant. Check out the website for cool deals. Thursday evening is called DOMIBO (a play on ‘VRIJMIBO’, which stands for Friday evening drinks – but then on Thursday; ‘DOnderdag’). Every Thursday it’s time for Beer & Beats, 30% off all specialty beers and you can get some nice snacks to go with that. It’s up to you to figure out how you’ll manage to get through work on Friday the next day 😉

Another #exploreutrechttasting so time for a new vid! This time @postcardsfromcate and I stopped by @miyagiandjones for the chefs surprise menu. We had to skip the third round and share a dessert. ? This doesn't happen very often, if not at all! Next time we are going well prepared with an empty stomach to full up on the tasty dishes. The portions are medium sized and to share, the menu full of tasty treats it will make it hard to chose and you can design your own cocktail. The waitresses are super friendly and give ?? advise on drinks. Soon more but for now I leave you with this teaser. • • #uiteteninutrecht #eteninutrecht #yourexploreutrechtguide #restaurantinutrecht #foodutrecht #foodpic #delish #instafood #video #youtube #tasting #approvedbyexploreutrecht #utrecht #exploreutrecht

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