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Luc. Bar & Restaurant | Utrecht

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Luc. a green oasis in the city centre

Restaurant Luc. is a green oasis with a small menu, located in the Centre of Utrecht. Luc. is a fine restaurant for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it’s also a good workspot to get some work done or meet for a quick business lunch.

The green color on the walls goes nicely with the red-brown chairs and the copper-colored lamps. The interior has a warm atmosphere. The sofas, the soft plaid adds a nice touch, are very comfortable. You can also sit in a cute little corner with a seat for two people at the window.

Small but good menu

After a quick look at the menu, I decided to have lunch at Luc. on my day off. I ordered the Cuban Sandwich, a think sandwich with melted cheese, polled pork and tomato sauce. A good variation of a grilled cheese and the famous polled pork sandwich. Tasty!

And of course I had to order dessert. The key lime pie has been on my list for quite a while but to date I couldn’t find a restaurant that had this dessert on the menu. Luckily me! Thanks Luc. for this creamy and fresh cake.

Address: Voor Clarenburg 8
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