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LE:EN – Heuveloord Utrecht

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Once again I was on the Asian tour and this time I chose LE:EN. Surely a well known name in Utrecht, but the restaurant is not located in the city center, so it’s not the first place you think of when you’re in town. However, this is no reason not to go because I had a really tasty dinner. A major advantage is the free parking because the restaurant is located outside the city center. Of course you can also come by bicycle easily. And it is very close to the Westerkade, were LE:EN used to be located.

Creative Interior

LE:EN is located in an industrial building on a small business park in Hoograven. I was there at mid-winter, but they have a nice terrace with relaxing chairs, along the water, so it should also be a pleasant place to stay during the summer. The restaurant is enormous inside with a very high ceiling, several restaurant areas and seating areas with comfortable sofas. Clearly they have spent some thought on the interior making it look industrial but fun, with giant murals and cool lamps. The open kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, right in the middle.

Asian Tapas

The food is inspired by Asian cuisine from Thailand to Korea to Vietnam to Indonesia. First you choose a drink, one of the many Asian beers, cocktails (or mocktails) or Asian Iceteas. And then you get the menu. Of which you choose several small dishes that you share with your table company. In my case, very useful because I had ordered something very spicy, which is not really my kind of food. And so I passed it along☺. Some highlights: Indian salad with green asparagus and baby corn, the sushi with swordfish, Thai fish cakes and white chocolate cake with coconut and spekkoek, so delicious!!

Visit LE:EN, you’ll have no regrets. And if you have something to celebrate with a large group, I think this place is ideally suited!

Photo credits – Michaela – The new life beginning

Address: Heuveloord 140
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Text by Lotte van der Spek