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The nicest interior shops in Utrecht

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Utrecht boasts a number of beautiful interior shops. With this list, I’m showing you which ones you need to check out, and I’ll review a few of them too. The perfect excuse to take advantage of the lovely, hip stores in the city. Here are my favorite shops for nice items to pimp your house.

Sissy Boy

Happy Sissy Boy is staying open. They have a store in the city center of Utrecht as well as Hoog Catharijne. They sell women’s clothing as well as very nice items for your home. I love the gorgeous blankets, lamps and wine glasses that they have in the collection. The collection at Sissy Boy is always up to date but you can see consistency throughout the year, it’s always sophisticated, colorful and a bit glamorous. The store also has great stuff for the bathroom, like large fluffy towels, soaps, hand creme and more.

Mooi & Belle

Mooi & Belle is located in one of the oldest streets in Utrecht. The store has a French flair with an absolutely beautiful country style collection. Next to home décor they also have gorgeous wardrobes. The shop isn’t located in the city center but is surely worth a visit!

Combo Design

Combo Design is a shop for your entire interior! You could fill a big house with their collection. The shop is beautiful, and the little furnished living rooms very tempting. You want to plop yourself down here and not get back up. The accessories are beautiful and sometimes playful. The shop is very colorfully decorated, with surprising elements here and there. Combo Design also has a good webshop, so you can already get to know all of their beautiful things.



The store on the Vismarkt in the center offers a broad range of big and small décor items. From beautiful closets to lovely couches, cushions, lamps, and small accessories – you’ll find them all in the store. The second Rachmaninoff location, on the Oudegracht, is an apartment showroom.


Live today

Live today is a cozy interior shop with a good mix of vintage and new items. The collection includes beautiful closets, baskets, candles, and postcards and prints. The owner looks for pretty things during her inventory purchase trips, and she always comes back with things like gorgeous crystal carafes and matching glasses. You can spend hours browsing this little shop and buy something special.

Bij den Dom

Bij den Dom store is a dream! I’ve been visiting this shop for years, but since they moved to their new location, on the corner at the Oudkerkhof, I have to admit that I don’t go there as often anymore. And that’s a shame! Bij den Dom offers luxury and style. Simply walking through the shop is already a treat. In their collection, you’ll find couches, chairs, tables, closets, and small décor items. But also scents, body care, carpets, wall decoration, and more.


It is a small exclusive interior shop on the Oudegracht. Ooh, how I love their interior pieces. EmmaB sells simple and beautiful interior pieces of good quality. Shopping at EmmaB is like being in heaven with mostly Scandinavian Design, such as HAY and Normann.

Home Stock Utrecht

The last one in my list of favo home furnishing shops in Utrecht, but certainly not least, is Home Stock. If you are looking for inspiration, this is the place to be. Each corner is a treat for the eye and on the wall hang beautiful large mirrors and paintings.