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Grand Hotel Karel V: stay in a monumental 5-star hotel

Grand Hotel Karel V has a rich history, which has been extensively written about over the years. But what else takes place behind the high white walls of the imposing Grand Hotel Karel V?  We went to investigate, spent a night in the hotel and discovered the Grand Hotel Karel V of today.

Staying in the Empire Suite

Spending the night in a fourteenth-century monastery has something special. The hotel doesn’t have a hip & happening interior, but that wouldn’t fit in with this environment either. The interior does justice to the earlier inhabitants: knights, priests and emperors from the Middle Ages.

We were very impressed by the dark wooden bed, the sitting area with green velvet couch and the huge bath in the bathroom. We immediately thought that we would have a delicious breakfast in this beautiful sitting area the next morning. You don’t experience this every week, so we wanted to enjoy every minute in this beautiful room, with a beautiful view of the beautiful garden with the Dom Tower in the background.

Relaxen in the spa & PUUR by Kristel

After checking out every corner of the room, peeking into all the cupboards and discussing the mini bar in detail, it was time for a relaxing session in the spa. Unfortunately it is not the case at every hotel, but at Grand Hotel Karel V the thick and soft bathrobes are waiting for guests in the closet. A big plus if you ask me.

The spa is quite simple, but has everything you need to relax for a couple of hours. We skipped the gym and walked straight to the pool to take a dip. We ended the evening in the sauna.

The hotel’s spa also houses a beauty salon that you can visit even if you’re not a hotel guest. PUUR at Kristel offers various facials and massages.

Breakfast at Grand Hotel Karel V

After a good night’s sleep and an extensive bath, it was time for breakfast. Because we were curious about the breakfast buffet we decided not to have breakfast in the room, but in the restaurant. In hindsight a good decision! We didn’t want to miss the various delicious juices, delicious sweet rolls, a wide variety of toppings and the hot bread. I was glad to see that I could have my favourite hotel breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and a thick slice of bread. I had a large glass of freshly squeezed green fruit juice. It was a nice morning! After that the luxury adventure was over, time to check out.

Hidden terrace in the heart of Utrecht

You don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy one of the city’s best kept secrets: behind the high walls of Karel V there’s a lovely large terrace where you can imagine yourself to be in France. Step through the gate on the Springweg and go explore. Feel free to walk through the garden and take a look at the chef’s herb garden and discover the herbs he uses in the kitchen. Take a seat on the terrace for a glass of wine or beer with bitterballs.

Geertebolwerk 1

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