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Frietwinkel by dapp

On the Vinkenburgstraat you will find the Frietwinkel, organic fries (biologisch friet in Dutch) with tasty sauces is the main business. It all started with a cargo bike organic fries business, selling on organic markets and such. The owners wanted some roots so they decided to sett up shop in the city centre. And so far as I can tell its a great success! Every time I stop by for a snack the place is packed.

Why you should stop by? Well…

  • The fries are made in the shop and fried to perfection. So you buy fresh handmade fries from organically grown potatoes.
  • The Frietwinkel also has cheese, shrimp and beef croquettes.
  • Genius packaging! I love the sauce holder that is attached to the fries-cone.

Address: Vinkenburgstraat 10
Google map [highlight]here[/highlight]!

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