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Eat your way across the globe in Utrecht

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There’s so many different restaurants and cuisines to try in Utrecht. You could have a culinary around the world trip, without ever leaving 030! We’ve put together a list of our personal favorites per country and cuisine.


Belgium: Olivier

Apart from tasty Belgian beers, you can also enjoy some tasty treats in this former church. Belgian waffles, croques (monsieur, madame, etc.), clams, so good!

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Germany: Kartoffel

On the German front, only one can be the best and that has to be Kartoffel! Recently reopened on the Oudegracht. Apart from potatoes (kartoffel) you can also find delicious Flammkuchen and apple strudle on their menu.

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France: Le Jardin

Although the French are more known for their focus on a good piece of meat or fish, at Le Jardin vegetables grab the spotlight! Surprising flavour combinations with a clear French influence.

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Spain: De Zwarte Vosch

If you think of tapas in Utrecht you usually end up with all-you-can-eat-concepts. Not at De Zwarte Vosch! Sit down in this delightful place on the Oudegracht and wait for the waiters to arrive at your table with trays of delight to take your pick from. Original, fun and delicious!

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Greece: Dimitri Petit

Right underneath the Dom tower you can find this delicious alternative to fast food, with high quality ingredients and good flavours. Order some gyros or a vegetarian platter, which will always be served with the best fluffy flatbread and creamy tzatziki!

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Italy: Piatto (closed)

A versatile Italian menu, that offers something different than the usual pastas and pizzas. Unique dishes with a culinary twist. The dishes are a bit smaller size so you can order several and share with the table.

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Middle East

Libanon: Comptoir Libanais

Colourful and tasteful: you can say this about both Comptoir Libanais’ dishes and their interior design. Indulge in some delightful hummus and falafel here! Or if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat: baklava!

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Afghanistan: Darah

Relatively new and lesser known in Utrecht, but that doesn’t make it less tasty: Afghan cuisine! Since a few months you can find Afghan restaurant Darah on the Oudegracht. Pay a visit and try the surprising and delicious flavours of their dishes.

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Syria: SYR

SYR’s motto is food that tastes good and does good and they’re definitely living up to that motto! The best of Syria’s cuisine makes its appearance here, with delicious dishes like tabbouleh, falafel, lamb and hummus. Sit back, relax and let the chefs surprise you with this lesser known cuisine!

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China: Tai Soen

The Dim Sum menu at Tai Soen seems never ending: so much choice an a lot of adventurous and authentic Chinese dishes. Although there’s not that much choice for vegetarians, it is clearly visible on the menu which dishes you can eat.

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Thailand: Saowapa

Not to expensive, done quickly and super tasty! The dishes and bites at Saowapa make you feel like you’re tasting streetfood on the streets of Bangkok again.

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India & Nepal: Surya

There’s a lot of options for tasty Indian curries in Utrecht, but Surya exceeds them all in atmosphere, value for money and an interesting menu. Apart from that you can also try out delightful Nepalese dishes and bites.

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Indonesia: Blauw

Authentic and fancy. Blauw is a well known name and with reason! The tastiest Indonesian dishes roll out of their kitchen, including their homemade nice and spicy sambal.

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Japan: Konnichi Wa

There’s a lot of choice in sushi restaurants in Utrecht, but Konnichi Wa is by far my favourite in terms of value for money and an interesting menu. You can also do teppan yaki grilling at this place.

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Vietnam: Kimmade

Freshly rolled rice paper rolls and heartwarming noodle soups: Kimmade has the best of both worlds, comfort food that still feels relatively healhty. Plus the restaurant has a very cute kitten roaming around!

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Mexico: Lucy Lou

The new kid in town! You have to go here for tasty taco’s, nacho’s and ceviche. If you dare, you can wash it all down with a shot of tequila or a nice cocktail!

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North America: American Steakhouse

Delicious burgers and to die for spareribs. This is America with a culinary twist! Comfort food for a good price, along the Oudegracht.



Ethiopia: Sunshine

Also a relatively unknown cuisine: Ethiopian cuisine! At Sunshine you can try traditional Ethiopian dishes, which means different kinds of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes and sauces. You eat with your hands! You don’t use cutlery, but delicious injera pancakes to eat your dishes.

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South Africa: Roost aan de Singel

Currently closed for the winter months, but they will open up again on april 1st 2018 (no joke!). From then you’ll be able to enjoy their delightful grilled meats and fish, straight from the braai (bbq)!

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De Rode Vosch (closed)

At De Rode Vosch you can find several Australian and adventurous meats like crocodile, kangaroo and ostrich, but for fish eaters and vegetarians there’s also more than enough choice! Also the desserts are typically Australian, with a delicious pavlova and a tim tam cake on the menu.

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Did we miss a country? Or do you have different favourites for specific cuisines? Let us know in the comments.