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Dogma: modern & delicious hotdogs

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Dogma is going to give all the delicious burger joins in Utrecht a run for their money! The gourmet, yet deliciously approachable hotdogs are the comfort food you didn’t know you’ve been missing. Unless you’re an American like me, then you know you’ve been missing it.

But these aren’t your normal ballpark ‘dogs — there’s chicken dogs and other delicious sausages, and they’re smothered in toppings like sweet corn, and sriracha mayo. Add a side of fries and an ice cold beer, and get ready for pure bliss.

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The restaurant is no fuss, but super stylish and nods to it’s heritage. The customized stained glass on the doors and windows look like an original fixture to the Voorstraat property, and are adorably instagrammable. They’ve really paid attention to detail, even brought in an artist to design the bathroom doors. It’s also said that almost 70 years ago this shop used to be a butchery, and the owners definitely tried to play off that with the help of their design team.

The only downside to Dogma is probably the price. The cheapest hotdog starts at around €7.50, and it’s not the most filling. I definitely recommend a side of fries to top it off.

Voorstraat 17 | www.dogmahotdogs.com | Facebook

Photo’s Susanne Sterkenburg

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