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Fresh bread, sweets and coffee at District

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Fresh Baked bread in Utrecht East

Utrecht East has a new spot offering fresh baked bread, delicious treats and coffee. It’s called, District: Bread & coffee, and it’s run by a lovely couple who are adored by the neighbors who stop by regularly. But now, District is looking to show the rest of Utrecht all they have to offer.

District isn’t a traditional bakery where you will see all the bread on shelves behind the counter. No, District chose to put all the products ‘in the spotlight’, so the customers can see and choose the products themselves. The owners carefully selected every product in the bakery from all over the country to assure that each one has been made according to traditional methods. Thus, the delicious sausage rolls from Den Bosch, and the beautiful cakes and different tasty big chunks of chocolate from the Hague, are some of the best products available in the Netherlands. The bread, cookies and biscuits are from ‘t Gooi. And the Granola is local, made right here at our own Veldkeuken in Amelisweerd.

Too much choice

Having a tasty croissant with homemade jam and a good cup of coffee for Breakfast on a Sunday morning is a dream. You can take a seat at the large table and grab a newspaper or magazine. The vintage corner gives the somewhat simple interior a wow-factor. The lamp, made by the owners fifteen year old next door neighbor, is a sweet element in the room — as is as the vintage lunch boxes and water jugs on shelves in the shop.

What do I recommend? Try as much as possible! But I can tell you that the Raisin bun, croissant, sausages roll and the BaBa citroen are very tasty. My favorite mini cakes so far are: carrot cake, lemon pie and the pecan caramel. Ooh, and the vig bread with jam is to die for. So be warned when visiting District you could experience some stress.


Soon District will also have several lunch options. What you can expect? A thick slice of bread with toppings from Olijfje, the neighboring shop. They are still working on the menu, but with will all the choices at District I’m sure there will be tasty choices for lunch.

Address: Jan van Scorelstraat 1
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