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Cornelis Coffee, Food & a Room

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Cornelis coffee, food & a room is located in an old grocery store on the Maliestraat in East Utrecht. Cornelis is the newbie under the coffee/lunch spots and a great addition to this part of town. The monumental façade looks wonderful and once you enter the place you immediately feel the enthusiasm of the owners. Behind the large counter you will see the menu hanging on the wall. There is so much choice, guess this is their strategy to keep you coming back.

Chill at Cornelis

You can take a seat at the large table, at one of the tables in front of the counter, on the sofa or on the cosy veranda with pillows. As any good old grocery store, Cornelis also sells organic products, with a story. I’ve dropped in twice and both times have been nice and welcoming. The coffee and chai tea we had ordered were tasty. But next time I will stay for lunch!

Stay the night

You can also stay overnight at Cornelis, at the back in the converted Coach House with kitchen and city garden. Really sounds totally awesome right?! Too bad I already have a nice home in Utrecht, otherwise I’d know where to stay.

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Pictures by: Susanne Sterkenburg

Address: Maliestraat 16
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