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BUNK | combination of hotel and hostel at the Singel

Bunk Hotel Explore Utrecht

BUNK is a new hotel concept in Utrecht. The hotel combines the best of a hotel and a hostel. BUNK is a unique hotel for tourists and locals. And offers everyone in the city a cultural stage to enjoy art and music. BUNK does it differently! We stayed the night to test the hotel…

BUNK the new hotel concept in Utrecht

The recently opened BUNK is located in a monumental church. The Quellhorst organ is the largest showpiece in the interior of the former Westerkerk, now BUNK Hotel. At BUNK you can sleep in pods. But the hotel also offers spacious hotel rooms on each floor. The restaurant, bar and lounge is a meeting place for tourists and locals. Art by Utrecht artists hangs on the walls. And chefs in the kitchen work with local ingredients.

Staying in the most epic room

Spending the night in the most epic room on the top floor of the hotel was indeed ‘epic’. The windows offer a view of the Singel and the station area. In the room there is a large bath where you can lie in for hours with bubbles. The bed is spacious and a lovely place to relax overnight. The room has no desk or corner as is often the case with other hotels, but I have not missed this at all. The hotel has plenty of lounge corners where you can sit and relax.

Breakfast, dinner and drinks at BUNK

You don’t have to be a hotel guest to use the restaurant and the general area. At BUNK, everyone can visit all day long. BUNK offers travelers and locals a unique place to meet each other. During our visit we were able to experience dinner and breakfast. The dishes on the menu are slightly different from what you are used to. Because BUNK, gives the dishes a surprising twist. We ordered a classic caesar salad that was not so classic, because kale and chickpeas were added to the salad. Unfortunately I found the rendang with four different preparations of rice somewhat disappointing. This was because of the liquid rice that formed the basis of the dish. The fresh pea soup is a must! The dessert ‘snickers’ made of peanut ice cream, chocolate saucer, salted caramel and nougatine is delicious.

BUNK offers great workplaces, if you want to work somewhere else then in a coffee shop. In the evening, the Liberales Foundation organizes cultural activities.

Address: Catharijnekade 9, 3511RT Utrecht
T: +31 88 6969 869
E: info@bunkhotels.com
W: bunkhotels at Booking.com

Bunk Hotel Explore Utrecht

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