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Brunch in Utrecht | five spots for a great brunch

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Having a nice brunch is, in my opinion, not just something to do in the weekends, but every day! Luckily there’s more than enough places in Utrecht to go to for a nice brunch. Are you looking for a nice place for brunch in Utrecht? I’ve lined up five cool hotspots for you!


Florent is one of the hidden gems, tucked away in a quiet corner of the Zadelstraat. They have an amazing, classic, brunch menu: Mimosas, Eggs Benedict, Waffles and many more brunch staples. At Florent you can enjoy a good brunch in a beautiful setting. And if you don’t like brunch – which I can’t imagine to be true -, then you can also have an amazing dinner here. In any case this hotspot needs to be on this list!

Visschersplein 75 | Read our full blog on Florent here.

Ted’s all day brunch

The first official brunch spot in Utrecht: Ted’s! This concept has blown over from Amsterdam, but they’re forgiven for that. Who doesn’t know Ted’s? Just a quick search on Instagram shows you a ton of pretty pictures of tasty dishes that you can order at Ted’s. You can have brunch here 7 days a week, all day long. So even if you have Eggs Benedict cravings after 14.00, you can still order them at Ted’s. So for a visit to Ted’s you can still sleep in!

Lichte Gaard 8 | Read our full blog on Ted’s here.

The Streetfoodclub

Who does not know The Streetfood Club by now?  You know the new cool spot in the old Brothers Cafe! The place to be for cocktails and an evening full of tasty bites. But also for a delicious brunch! The brunch menu is full of goodies from different parts of the world. So enough choice. You can, for example, choose a NY style blueberry cheesecake and a frozen yoghurt bowl. I would say: Let’s check it out!

Janskerkhof 9 | Read the entire blog about The Streetfood club.


Recently, Loaded opened its doors and presented itself as an awesome spot for brunch. Pay attention! Choosing something from the menu can cause some stress. The menu is loaded with tempting breakfast and brunch dishes, but also street food. For example, you can go for an oatmeal bowl, American chicken & waffles, shrimp po’boy or kimchi fries. Loaded offers something for everyone!

Amsterdamsestraatweg 54 | Read the entire blog about Loaded

Frenchie Café

Another great new hotspot in the center of Utrecht. Oh yes! Frenchie finally opened its doors in Utrecht. From over the top milkshakes to delicious american pancakes,  and insta-worthy cakes. This spot is a must-see for the insta-freaks among us! After you have taking that shot, you can take a bite of very tasty red velvet pancakes.

Lange Nieuwstraat 21

Photo’s by: Susanne Sterkenburg, Dainahara Polonia & Lars Verkroost (The Streetfood Club)