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Bring your own to Utrecht cafés

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You’re probably already familiar with the ‘bring your own’ concept. It means that you can bring your own snacks, lunch, or dinner to a café. You do then have to order a drink, though. Sounds reasonable, right? The ‘bring your own’ idea is nice and cheap if you’re on a bit of a tight budget. Or maybe you have tricky dietary requirements that restaurants can’t always accommodate. Or you’re saving money! Whatever the reason, here’s a list of cafés where you can bring your own food.

3x bring your own cafés in Utrecht

Café de Zaak

Located in the heart of Utrecht on the Korte Minre Broederstraat, surrounded by shops and other cafés, De Zaak is a modern brown café with a cozy and busy terrace. At De Zaak, you can work, grab a coffee with some cake, or on Thursday evening come grab a beer and listen to music. You can also bring your own snacks or lunch. Or order a pizza or some Asian street food. Want to celebrate your birthday at De Zaak? No problem! Just bring your own treats with you.

Korte Minre Broederstraat 9 | De Zaak


Puschkin is located on the corner of Wittevrouwenstraat and Ridderschapstraat, in an old car garage. You can still see this in some of the elements in the shop. But you don’t come to Puschkin for an oil change – you come for German breakfast. You can choose between three different breakfasts, and get orange juice, tea or coffee. They implement the ‘bring your own’ concept on Thursday and Friday evenings, and you can enjoy a delicious beer with some snacks from home. Oh, and check out the basement to enjoy their current exhibition.

Ridderschapsstraat 1 | facebook https://www.facebook.com/Puschkin-OntbijtLunch-474107356129949/

Café Voortuin

Who doesn’t know Café Voortuin? Lots of Utrechters are familiar with its always busy and cozy terrace on Voortstraat, with a view on the busy Neude. Special beers on tap, wine, coffee, or soda on the menu. You can even build your own tosti. And order snacks by the piece. They’re not fussy about that at De Voortuin, you’re there for the coziness after all. Hang out for a nice long time inside, but especially outside on the terrace until the late hours of the night.

Voorstraat 4 | http://www.cafevoortuin.nl/index.html

Want even more ‘bring your own’ cafés in Utrecht? Some browsing led me to generate the following list:

Café Flater | Oudegracht 140

Café Domkop | Loeff Berchmakerstraat 34

Café de Stadsgenoot | Breedstraat 8

Café Marktzicht | Breedstraat 4

Café de Stad | Lange Jufferstraat 58

Café Willem Slok |Korte Koestraat 2

De Bastaard | Jansveld 17

Of course, you can also get food delivered to these cafés, or enjoy take-out while you’re there. Check out my list of favorite take-out places for some tips.