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Balanced with bbb health boutique Utrecht

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In my busy life as a blogger with a fulltime job and some awesome friends, I sometimes have little free time for myself. A couple days after I decided to make more ‘me time’, I received an interesting offer from bbb health boutique Utrecht. Did I want to try out their concept and a challenge? Why, yes I did!

bbb health boutique is a unique fitness concept for women, based on three pillars: body, food and mind. These are also the three elements of a holistic lifestyle, aimed at creating balance in life.

In shape at bbb

At bbb you train in a warm cabin, in which the temperature can be as high as 50 degrees. Training in this cabin stimulates your circulation and speeds up your fat burning. To make your training even harder, you can also use resistance bands in the cabin. You can wrap these bands around your hands and feet to create extra resistance. Now that’s hard work, people!

I’m pretty experienced in terms of working out. I had a personal trainer for many months, took kickboxing lessons, and used to run a lot. But I really had to get used to the group lessons in the cabin and build up my stamina to be able to keep up when using resistance bands.

Besides individual training, you can also follow group lessons. The workouts can be pretty hard, and they’ll make you sweat. Pfff! My favourite ‘sweat it out’ work out is bbb30, where the focus is on your stomach, butt and legs. I also do triple shape, a combination of dance, pilates and yoga. The focus in this class is on toning, strength, flexibility and balance.

Take the challenge

You are what you eat! That was definitely the case for me for a while. I couldn’t possibly say no to all those fantastic restaurant tastings! Well, I sure paid the price…

I’m not someone who likes strict diets. Restricting delicious food just makes you crave it more. I was also looking for more balance in terms of nutrition. So I took part in the 30-day sugar-free challenge at bbb! Thirty days without sugar is easy enough, especially since you know it’ll come to an end 😉

Surprisingly enough, the challenge was a really good start. It gave me good insight into my eating habits, and knowledge about the different sugars and products. I was really happy with the guide that you get when you do a challenge – it helps you complete that challenge in a positive way. With the combination of working out and eating sugar-free, the pounds flew right off. But this sweet-tooth still eats delicious cakes on occasion. It’s all about balance!


And now the third and last pillar at bbb: mind. bbb offers several coaching possibilities in this domain. Unfortunately, I haven’t really gotten there yet. But I have been taking yoga lessons since the beginning of my bbb adventure. It’s so nice on a Monday or Wednesday to go and find some peace before, after, or during a busy work week.

I’ve already planned my mindfulness training for March and April. I also hope to start doing daily meditation during the ‘New Year New Me’ challenge. This discovery trip towards a holistic life may take a while yet.

Interested or curious about bbb health boutique after reading about my experience? Then request a free trial lesson via the bbb health boutique website.

Or take part in the exclusive giveaway! And soon you could experience bbb health boutique for yourself.

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Join in and win!

The New Year, New Me challenge starts on 22 January and ends on 18 February. The challenge is based on the three bbb pillars: body, food, and mind. So this is a huge opportunity to get to know bbb health boutique, and to give yourself a good start to a wonderful 2018!

Body: during these weeks, you’ll be working out three times per week with a focus on yoga and pilates. You’ll work with attention and consciousness towards a strong and fit body.

Food: take on the challenge of eating a plant-based diet for a month. During the challenge, bbb will give you the tools to learn step by step how to make this work. You’ll get a guide, including a grocery list, an inspiration list, and simple, healthy plant-based recipes.

Mind: sticking to resolutions means that you have to break your old habits. With the third pillar, ‘mind’, you’ll get started with meditation, learn to uncover those old habits, and make room for new intentions.

Want to know what you have to do to win this awesome prize? Hurry over to Facebook or Instagram, find the post, and let me know what your resolutions are for 2018. Keep your schedule free for the evening of 22 January, because that’s when we’ll start this adventure together.