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Discovering art & food in Amersfoort

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We were recently invited to take part in an art tour of Amersfoort to celebrate 100 years of De Stijl and get to know the city from a new perspective. With the promise of art and food, how could we resist?!

Filling up

Of course, we needed sustenance to really appreciate all of the art, so we started off with breakfast at The Blueberry.  We loved the overall feel of this place, and the blueberry pancakes and ‘knickerbocker yoghurt’ both went down a treat.

The Blueberry | website | Facebook | Hof 21 |

Hours of operation: Tues – Thurs 10.00 – 17.00, Fri – Sun 9.00 – 17.00

Merrily full, we then waddled over to KAdeCafé to meet the group. What a gorgeous room! Brightly lit with multicoloured murals painted on the walls – a great place to grab lunch or a coffee. As we chatted, we were served plate after plate of delicious lunchtime goodies. Fortunately I was wearing stretchy pants…

KAdeCafé | website | Eemplein 77

Hours of operation: Tues – Sun 11.00 – 17.00

A historical stroll

Inge from Stadsgidsen Amersfoort took us around the city, leading us through the beautiful streets and sharing information and anecdotes. She also showed us pictures of the places where we stood just 100 years ago. The difference was huge! Amersfoort underwent some massive changes in a very short period of time.

Stadsgidsen Amersfoort | website | Facebook

Getting close and personal with Mondriaan

A highlight of the day was the Mondriaanhuis. The museum focuses on Mondriaan as a person, and has a collection of some of his earliest pieces… Worlds away from the style that he is now known for. The pieces are put into the context of his life, which is really interesting. Thanks to our excellent guide Marieke, we got lots of new insight into this famous artist’s personal life.

Mondriaanhuis | website | Facebook | Kortegracht 11 

Hours of operation: Tues – Sun 11.00 -17.00

Cruising the canals

During our tour, we also got to view the historic city centre by boat with Amersfoort Rondvaarten. We were given a lovely art tour with the theme ‘Heilige Huisjes’ (literally meaning ‘sacred houses’, but also referring to old cultural norms that remain unchanged). Several artists are participating in this exhibition, with their artwork spread across the city showing that there are still norms to break today. Of course, this ties in nicely with the 100 years of De stijl theme, since Mondriaan and his contemporaries really revolutionised the art scene.

This was such a treat! We got a prime view of the city and the outdoor exhibition, and also got to inspect some of the many lovely artworks embedded in the canal walls. A super relaxing way to get your dose of culture in.

Amersfoort Rondvaarten | website

Art & boat tour (Kunst & Varen) | website

Wine o’clock

The day ended with wine and a special Mondriaan-themed treat at Zuster Margaux, which is nestled in the beautiful Mariënhof, an old orphanage. This beautiful, unique location gives Zuster Margaux a wonderful ambiance. And the wine was delicious – so what’s not to love?

Zuster Margaux | website | Facebook |

Hours of operation: Thurs – Fri from 17.00, Sat – Sun from 15.00

We had a great time in Amersfoort, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit!