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5x the best places for Friday afternoon drinks in Utrecht


Have you ever heard of a vrijmibo? People in The Netherlands celebrate the start of their weekends with a vrijmibo. It literally means: having Friday afternoon drinks. So, celebrating the weekend with a drink and some bites. But where? There are so many possibilities! Explore Utrecht listed their favorite places for you, from officially organized events to the coziest bars.

1. Vrijmibo Utrecht

‘Vrijmibo Utrecht’ regularly organizes events at different locations. One of their highlight locations is ‘De Stadstuin’. This will forever be my favorite summer – after work event on a Friday! In the summer, everyone is welcome in De Stadstuin on Fridays between 17:00 and 01:00 to have a drink or dance to some music. Enjoy fresh mixed drinks, local beers and carefully chosen wines. Vrijmibo Utrecht also takes care of your dinner, with various food trucks where you can buy delicious meals. There will be a DJ behind the docks, playing your favorite summer beats. Vrijmibo Utrecht also organizes events on different locations, such as in TivoliVredenburg: Vrijmibo Utrecht XL. Their next event will be at a special location: the iconic Wolvenplein prison. Be there!

2. Borrel 030

Every Friday afternoon, Borrel030 organizes a vrijmibo in De Rechtbank. You have to pay €10, – to enter, including one token for a drink. De Rechtbank will make sure that there will be enough bites, good music and there are always a lot of people to have a good time with. Special acts will start halfway the evening, these will mostly be a live artist or DJ’s.

3. Talud9

Another hotspot that I would recommend to everyone is Talud9, located at the Donkere Gaard 9. Talud9 is a wine- and coffee bar. The first time you visit Talud9, it’ll be because you’ve heard of them. The second time, you’ll come back for their fantastic service. Personal service and customer relations are very important at Talud9. Talud9 doesn’t have a wine-menu, but the waiters will ask you what you like and what you fancy that day. Based on your answers, they pick out different wines for you, which you get to taste. Because Talud9 is so small (35m2), it’s easy to start a conversation with your neighbors. Cozy!

4. Bar Cava

Do you remember the dry cleaner next to Boon’s Market? It’s gone now! The building on the Ganzenmarkt is now occupied by Bar Cava. It’s all in the name: wines, cava’s and champagnes! Besides drinks, Bar Cava has a small kitchen  where they serve you special platters full of bites, perfect with your cava. Perfect for a vrijmibo, if you ask us.

5. Taplokaal Gist

Fancy special and local beers instead? Taplokaal Gist is your place! They opened their doors in February and they are already very popular on Friday afternoon. Their specialty is their beer-wall with 30 varying beers. My recommendation: try a beer from Brewery Oedipus. Especially ‘Mama’ or ‘Mannenliefde’ are the best! Not a beer lover? Taplokaal Gist also serves a great range of other drinks, such as special wines and whiskies.