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5 X fun vegetable gardens in Utrecht for everyone that likes gardening

moestuinen in Utrecht

Don’t you have a garden of your own? No problem, because in Utrecht there are a lot of places where you can roll up your sleeves and get those hand dirty! Throughout the city there are several gardens where you can get started. You can follow courses at the Botanical Gardens on how to maintain your garden, ask the landscape architects of the Koningshof for tips on how to create your own vegetable garden, or pick your own harvest at the Moestuin Maarschalkerweerd. We have listed the nicest gardens with activities for you.

Vegetable garden in Utrecht

There is enough choice if you want to garden in the city. Utrecht has loads of vegetable gardens. Quickly read on and find out some of our favorite gardens in the city.

1) De Koningshof

The Koningshof is located on the outskirts of Utrecht, on the Koningsweg. Just before Amelisweerd you will find the large vegetable garden. On the site is a large greenhouse with a bar. In the greenhouse you will find various vegetables, fruits and herbs. Utrechters can also rent vegetable gardens at the Koningshof. There are fruit trees, sheep and beehives. The tenants of the gardens can ask their questions to the founders of the Koningshof. It was founded by a group of friends of landscape architects. There is a cosy atmosphere and you can help out in the garden every week on Saturdays, harvest yourself or have a nice cup of coffee and a nice lunch.

Address: Koningsweg 135A, Utrecht
Times: zaterddag 10:00 until 17:00 hours
W: www.koningshofutrecht.nl


2)  De Botanische tuinen

The oasis of the Uithof is the Botanical Gardens of Utrecht. There are all kinds of beautiful exotic trees, plants and flowers that you can enjoy during a walk. The nine-hectare garden is part of the University of Utrecht. In the middle of the garden is the fortress Hoofddijk from the 19th century. In addition to finding inspiration for your own (vegetable) garden, you can also admire the butterfly garden, drink coffee, get guided tours and take courses. This could be a good start to your own vegetable garden; how to prune, what are good garden plants, or even botanical drawing!

Address: Budapestlaan 17
Time: daily 10:00 until 16:30 hours
W: www.uu.nl/botanischetuinen

3)  Milieucentrum Utrecht

Do you like to roll up your sleeves? At Milieucentrum Utrecht you can participate in various projects for a sustainable and green Utrecht. They are active in various neighbourhoods and work on many different projects in the field of food, greenery and clothing. One of the projects that the Environment Centre is currently working on is the conversion of grey areas of the city into green oases, for example.

Address: Oudegracht 60
Times:Maandag until donderdag 13:00 until 17:00 hours
W: ww.mcu.nl

4)  De Moestuin Maarschalkerweerd

Hidden behind a large hedge along the curved rhine at Galgenwaard is the Moestuin van Maarschalkerweerd. It is a large area with a shop selling all kinds of fresh produce, a cafe, a large terrace, an Orangery that is rented out for parties, a large greenhouse with rows of vegetables and a meadow with goats and chickens.

Address: Laan van Maarschalkerweerd 2
Times: daily from 10:00 until 17:00 uur
W: www.moestuinutrecht.nl

5)  Utrecht Natuurlijk

In several places in Utrecht you can find city gardens of Utrecht Natuurlijk. Utrecht Natuurlijk organises activities, courses and events for and by residents of Utrecht in the city gardens. For example, there are school gardens, there is a lecture about the chew, harvest parties, and you can look behind the scenes at city farms.

Times and locations:
Eilandsteede: Tuesday until Sunday from 10.00 until 17.00 hours
Gagelsteede: Tuesday until Sunday from 10.00 until 17.00 hours
Griftsteede: Tuesday until Sunday from 10.00 until 17.00 hours
Koppelsteede: Tuesday until Sunday from 10.00 until 17.00 hours
Steede Hoge Woerd: Tuesday until Sunday from 10.00 until 17.00 hours

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