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5 cute kids’ stores in Utrecht

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With a little one of almost one and a half years at home and a babyboom in my friend group, I’m currently totally into kids’ gifts. Although I buy a lot online, I sometimes get the urge to take a peek in the cute kids’ stores in Utrecht. I usually discover something cute on every shelf, so a shop owner that helps me decide is always nice. This is a list of my five favorite kids’ stores in Utrecht!

A ‘golden oldie’ on the Nachtegaalstraat is De Knappe Gans. This shop has been a set part of the selection of shops in Utrecht for many years now and I understand why fully. This shop is has a lot of room(particularly convenient for the buggaboo-mafia) and is practically mapped. Toys, books and trinkets at the front, and clothes in the back. Clothing brands like Petit Bateau and Tumble ’n Dry are represented. The shop is mostly catered to kids in the age-range of 0 to 10 years old. I visit here regularly when I need a gift for a children’s birthday or a newborn baby. The couple that runs the store is very friendly and helpful.

De Knappe Gans | Nachtegaalstraat 14

Most people know Little Wannahaves as a webshop, but they also have a shop in Utrecht! You can find the small, but oh so charming shop in the Zakkendragerssteeg. A true walhalla for amazing accessories and trinkets. I prefer Little Wannahaves to shop for interior items for a kids’ room. My favorite is the night light in the shape of an ice cream or a cookie. There’s something for every budget. You need to wander into this shop some time if you’re out and about in town. Good to know: Little Wannahaves is open Wednesday through Saturday.

Little Wannahaves | Zakkendragerssteeg 8

In shoppingcenter Terwijde (across from the Terwijde trainstation) you can find BlendUT. This is a rent-a-shelf store, ran by two creative ladies. If you’re a brand or label that is just starting out, BlendUT gives you the opportunity to showcase your products. As the owner of a young bag label, I’m really excited about this wonderful initiative. Although it’s not officially a kids’ store, the biggest part of what is offered seems to be catered to kids. Especially on Wednesday (parttime-mother day) it’s significantly busier in the shop. It’s not just a shop, but also a meeting spot where you can have delicious coffee and homemade pie or cake. Lastly you can also rent out BlendUT for a kids’ party or babyshower, for a very nice price (especially nice if you don’t want a mess at home).

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BlendUT | Ella Fitzgeraldplein 4

In the current age where simpel building kits and lego toys have gotten replaced by robots and technical legos, I can really enjoy a store like Pim’s Olifant. Authentic with an eye for quality. This store has also been part of the city center’s street view for quite some time. At Pim’s Olifant you can find beautiful wooden toys, traditional Dutch games, beautiful books and old fashioned hand puppets. How fun is that! When I look at my own daughter, she prefers simpel toys like a tiny wooden hammer to all that shimmering shiny plastic. The power is in its simplicity. Looking for an original gift? Then drop by the Springweg.

Pim’s Olifant | Springweg 7-A

Last but not least, concept store ‘An Apple a Day’. Just like BlendUT, they offer a nice combination of shopping and drinking coffee. What I find so relaxing about this store is that my daughter can just run around the shop without destroying anything. They’ve put the store together in such a way that kids’ can just go ahead and play. They also offer a nice variation of toys, gifts and kid’s clothing. An Apple a Day solely sells brands that fit their values: playful, cheerful, fantasy rich, creative, unique and sustainable. They sell one of my favorite kids’ clothing brands for example: Emile et Ida. A French brand that you can recognize from its funny prints and beautiful, soft fabrics. An Apple a Day is definitely worth dropping by if you’re near the Nachtegaalstraat. A shop that is just a fun for kids as for their parents!

An Apple a Day | Nachtegaalstraat 29

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