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4 Plant shops in Utrecht: for a green paradise at home or garden

plantenwinkels Utrecht

Are you looking for a green gift? Then choose a plant, because plants are the new green! Large garden centres are of course fun, but the charms of a small plant shop are irresistible. These are our favourite plant shops in Utrecht and they are full of beautiful specimens.

Rood & Bloem at Sprinweg

In the center of Utrecht you will find this nice plant shop. Rood & Bloem has a lot of special houseplants, including the Begonia masoniana from China. And the Lova, a plant that is grown on lava rock. How cool is that?! In addition to special specimens, you’ll also find the classics. Such as sweet mini cacti and the popular pancake plant.

Rood & Bloem does not only sell houseplants. At Rood & Bloem you can also find green home accessories. Sweet plant pots in different colors and other gadgets. Love plants, but no green fingers? Then follow one of the workshops of Rood & Bloem workshop space. Yes, you read it correctly, they give a plant workshop. Learn, among other things, how to grow your houseplants. Handy! Or go to work with plants to decorate your office. Or make a mini-terrarium, for example. Anyway, Rood & Bloem is worth a visit.

Address Rood & Bloem Utrecht
Springweg 14
3511 VP Utrecht

Le Jardin

Maybe you know Le Jardin from their delicious cuisine because apart from being a plant shop, it is also a restaurant. Where they prefer to cook with vegetables of the season. For this article, we focus on the plant shop. The green shop is located in the old town of Utrecht and has a lot of beautiful plants.

By the way, did you know that Le jardin I mean gardener in French? Very appropriate! They sell a lot of cacti, but also a lot of other plants like hanging plants and dried flowers. That’s not all, because they also take care of bouquets and they can decorate your whole house and/or company with beautiful green!

Address Le Jardin Utrecht
Mariaplaats 42
3511 LL  Utrecht

Daens Greenhouse in the city center

Daens Greenhouse is part of the Daens concept. A special concept that consists of a two-person hotel, clothing shop, café and, since spring 2019, a plant shop! You can go there for big and small green friends. Just as fun as the plants are the trendy, colorful plant pots. The handmade ceramic pots are beautiful and absolute must-haves for plant parents. So make sure you stop by to browse around and then enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe as well.

Address Daens Greenhouse
Korte Minrebroederstraat 13-17
3512 GG Utrecht

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Buitengewoon Bloemen on the Voorstraat

The name already gives it away, because the plants and flowers are without a doubt extraordinarily beautiful! Looking for a beautiful bridal bouquet or do you want to treat yourself to a bunch of beautiful flowers? In both cases, this is the plant shop in Utrecht where you want to be. At Buitengewoon Bloemen they like to work with seasonal flowers and transform them into beautiful bouquets.

You can also turn to them for plants: hello green oases! Don’t you have time to go through the door, but you do need beautiful flowers? You can create your own bouquet online. You can choose from six color sets and three sizes. If you’re looking for green inspiration, don’t forget to take a look at their Instagram account.

Address Buitengewoon Bloemen Utrecht
Voorstraat 55
3512 AK, Utrecht

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