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Best spots for great coffee in Utrecht

Coffee is what I need at the end of a long workday. But where should one go to get the great cup of coffee? While there are many places in the city that can give you that ‘caffeine fix’, why not check out the following list of the best spots where you can get delicious and properly brewed coffee. If I missed one please let me know in the comments below.

Ohoj is according to many one of the best places to go for a delicious cup of coffee. To get to Ohoj you have to cycle a bit and leave the city centre. But it is definitely worth the bike ride. The owner, Kevin, is a master in coffee, and knows exactly what it takes to make the perfect cup. It’s a nice place, where local residents like to take the time to drop by to have a chat. Rijnlaan

Black Brew, located in the up & coming Wijk C, is a good place for coffee drinking music lovers. Well okay, even if you don’t like music you can step inside to enjoy the relaxed vibe anyway. Besides coffee, Black Brew has a large assortment of cakes on the counter. Delicious vegan treats for everyone. You can also bring your own record to play. Would you rather read a book? Even those are stacked for you on the windowsill. Willemstraat

Minre combines shopping and coffee. For some people this is a perfect combination. And the shop is located in the heart of Utrecht! The shop holds a large collection, so take your time to have a good look around. After paying for the new clothes you can take a break and order coffee. Minre even has something sweet to offer. Not a fan of shopping? Just drinking a cup of coffee in a different environment than a coffee place is fun. Korte Minrebroederstraat

Broodnodig is a small diner with a Scandinavian menu. You can crab a coffee to go or sit outside on the terrace and enjoy the view. I suggest that you take a few minutes to enjoy something sweet with your coffee. Just relax and enjoy the moment, and let other people rush around running their errands. Mariaplaats & Burgermeester Reigerstraat

Cornelis is located in the Maliebaan and considered to be a ‘second home’ for people living in the neighborhood. Behind the dainty monumental house facade is the coziest place to enjoy your coffee with some homemade sweet and savory treats, or to have lunch. They also serve delicious sandwiches, which are made fresh for you within minutes. It’s always great to be back at CornelisMaliestraat

KEEK is a lunchroom, mini gallery and a place for performers to show there talents. KEEK is located in the Twijnstraat, one of the oldest streets in Utrecht. At KEEK, all the cakes and sweets are made of organic ingredients. They make kick-ass coffee and the service is great. Twijnstraat & Oudegracht

30ml is located in the city center, Zadelstraat and Vredenburg – the perfect spot for a small break and a cup of coffee during your shopping-spree. The staff knows how to make a good cup of coffee and they are very friendly. Enjoy their creamy latte and try their sweet homemade snacks.

Koffie & Ik is located right outside the city centre. Don’t let the minimalistic interior fool you, this is a very busy spot for coffee lovers. They also serve fresh juices. Vleutenseweg

The Village was named the best coffee spot in Utrecht in 2013! The village is best described as the living room of the Voorstraat. With a diverse crowd, relaxed and down-to-earth atmosphere, it’s a great spot for having coffee, while listening to great music. Bands and music artists also perform regularly at the Village. Stop by to experience the good vibes yourself! Voorstraat

Blackbird located along the Oudegracht just outside the buzzing city center is another great spot to relax. You should check out  the delicious homemade pastries served at the bar in the center of the room. Blackbird is not just a coffee bar but also a vintage store. So, when you are done with all that coffee, you can actually buy the chair you sat on or perhaps a cool bike? Oudegracht

BROEI is the creative spot for freelancers working for various industries. They all love stopping by here to get some work done and to enjoy a good cup of coffee. I really love their chai tea as well. Everything they serve is freshly made and organic, so this spot is really good for the mind, body and soul. Oosterkade

Koffie Leute is the first filter coffee bar in Utrecht, so this would be the main reason to visit. The guys at Koffie Leute know everything there is to know about filter coffee and are very eager to share their knowledge with you. They select only the best coffee beans, but also special teas. Westerkade

Yoghurt Barn is not only a good place for spectacular yoghurt treats, you can also get great coffee at this spot. The Barn also has fresh pastries from the ‘Het Vlaamsbroodhuys’ to complement your coffee. And free wifi! (very important for a blogger) Vinkenburgsteeg

Rocking Chair, is a new coffee bar in the Tuinwijk. Here you can enjoy great coffee and delicious bites. The interior is eclectic, but in a good way, mixing vintage en modern pieces. Rocking chair proves that you don’t need to go all the way to the city center to find a cool spot to hang out. In case you want to stay longer, just check out their lunch menu. Willem van Noortstraat

The Bakkerswinkel is a well-known place for delicious breakfast, brunch, high tea and lunch. Ooh, they also make great coffee to go with whatever you order. Everything is made of organic ingredients and very tasty. If you are in a rush, just grab a bag of sweets for a more enjoyable stroll to your destination. Wittevrouwenstraat

‘t Koffieboontje can be found along the busy Oudegracht. Once you step inside, however, you’ll find a quiet place to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. At ‘t Koffieboontje you can buy delicious raw sweets and healthy snacks that complement your caffeine fix. It is a nice place to catch up with friends, but also where you can type away on your laptop. Oudegracht 92

Talud 9 is a newbee among the coffee bars, also featured in our list for great wine bars. You must think, uhm, what? Well, yes, wine and coffee is a perfect combo! Talud is perfectly located on a very busy and small square, crowded with people almost everyday of the week. ‘t Wed

Anne & Max is located at the Donkere Gaard, close to ‘t Wed. Step inside and you’ll find a cozy cafe with a nice garden at the back where you can enjoy the sun. It’s a great place for a coffee date as you’ll surely find a nice place to chat in every corner of their well decorated rooms. Or you can of course just go to the counter and order a coffee to go, but I prefer to stay at Anne & Max to work on my blog and enjoy some lunch. Don’t think they’d mind.